Me :)

Me :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Family

I have a rather large family. I have a dad who's name is Chris who is 47,a mom named Shayrn who is 43, an older brother who's name is Asher who is 22, an older sister who's name is Hannah who is 19, ME I'm 14, and a little sister named Eliza she is 8. I have a grandmother on my dads side who we call Grandy an aunt on my dads side who we call Aunt Shannon. A grandmother on my moms side who we call Grannah a grand father named or who we call Pop an Aunt Beth, Uncle James and 3 cousins who's names are Jackson 11,Caleb 8, and last but not least Shay Marie 5. (There's more but it would take forever to name them all) I also have a dog who's name is Rosie who is 8, a cat who's name is Piper who is 7 another kitty who's name is Sukey who is 2 and 3 hamsters  

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